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Where strength is more than just numbers. It’s a mindset.


Barbells & Babes is not just another group class. We enable and encourage women to reach their full potential.

Our 12-week program was carefully designed with the goal of increasing full-body strength, all while promoting an uplifting and rewarding training experience in a welcoming, judgement-free gym environment.

By giving them the tools they need to succeed, our strong ladies develop the confidence and knowledge that naturally results from working with a dedicated and knowledgeable strength coach.

Babes will improve their squat, bench and deadlift technique, as well as learn how to optimize their nutrition to achieve specific physique goals such as fat loss or muscle gain.


Every week, our group of 5 babes meets for two 90-minute training sessions carried out at Barbell Strength. Each training session is supervised and coached by B&B Head Coach Barbara.

During our 12-weeks together, babes will…

• Learn how to efficiently and safely perform the big three lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift

• Increase full-body strength, including mastering the pull-up and other bodyweight movements

• Learn how to optimize nutrition based on individual physique goals such as fat loss and muscle gain

• Build and accentuate curves, reduce body fat and look their best this summer and onwards

• Be introduced to program design that focuses on long-term progression, proper recovery and individuality

• Master variations of the big three lifts, and learn how to progress or regress them based on their own training level, abilities and limitations

• Train in a welcoming, judgement-free zone that promotes self-growth and challenges

• Build healthy and supportive friendships with other ladies who are also on the path to stronger, more resilient bodies and minds



With over 5 years of experience coaching women of varying fitness levels, Barbara’s passion lies in guiding women to their untapped potential.

As one of the masterminds behind Barbells & Babes, her goal is to empower, educate and encourage women of all ages and shapes to feel stronger and more confident, both inside and outside the gym.

Barbara M.

Head Coach, Co-founder


Barbara is very attentive to what I want and has provided me with training that is customized to me.
She treats me as an important client and friend, and truly wants me to attain my goals as much as I do.  She sincerely cares. I recommend Barbara to everyone I know.

Angie N.

Barbara was incredibly helpful and encouraging in helping me reach my fitness goals. She’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.

Krystle C.

Barbara’s approach is sustainable and the foundational knowledge she provides is easily translated into an ongoing healthy lifestyle. Besides helping me get into shape (and lose 30 pounds), Barb definitely helped me get over my intimidation of knowing my way around a gym!

Iryna G.

Having fitness goals that you don’t know how to reach can be tough. Barb showed me that hard work and the science of exercise and nutrition was on my side.

Cathy D.

The Venue

Barbell Strength

what's included in the program:

– Online access (Google Drive) to your 12-Week training program, customized to your current abilities and limitations

– Nutrition Basics eBook, plus an in-depth explanation of the program rationale, warm-up exercises, auto-regulation techniques, etc.

– Two 90-min group sessions per week, led and supervised by B&B coach Barbara

– Ongoing technique analysis, support and constructive feedback

– Personalized macronutrient consultation & ongoing nutritional guidance

– Club T-shirt (“Original Members” of Barbells & Babes) exclusive to our first group of participants in Phase 1

– A clean, welcoming and safe training environment, fully equipped with the best strength-training equipment line, Eleiko.

€170/ month

(3-month commitment)

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by a program that is "customized" to an individual?
At Barbells & Babes, our goal is to build efficacy in the big three lifts and their variations, as well as to promote full-body strength through assistance exercises and bodyweight movements like pull-ups and push-ups.

However, we know that injuries happen, and that some individuals may have restrictions that prevent them from properly performing certain exercises.

With that in mind, we are able to tailor the program to suit a specific person’s current needs and abilities without straying too far from the main goal: to build a badass, strong, resiliant body and mind.

Do I need a certain level of training experience to join?
Due to the nature of the program, we expect participants to have at least some experience with strength training (from 6 months to 1-year).

If you don’t think you’re ready to join yet, don’t worry! In the future, we will be offering beginner-level programs to accomodate all you ambitious babes.

What happens if I miss a class?
We strongly encourage all of our babes to stick to the class schedule so that we are all running on the same page every time we meet for training.

All participants will have access to their weekly program prior to the start of the first session of the week.

If you have to miss a class, you can make it up on your own time at Barbell Strength.

Note: We cannot guarantee that the coach will be available to assist you with training on your own, therefore it is strongly recommended that you do not miss group sessions!

I would love to get stronger, but I am also interested in losing weight.
We know that every woman has different body composition goals.

With that in mind, we offer individual nutritional guidance based on what you’d like to achieve.

If you’re worried about gaining weight during this program, fear not! You can still gain strength while shedding that bit of unwanted bodyfat.

How is this different than a regular group class?
We’re glad you asked!

Barbells & Babes is unique in that we establish longer-term goals from the get-go. Our strength-program was carefully crafted with the aim of enabling babes to lift heavier, smarter, and better.

We not only focus on the outcome, but we are very meticulous with the process. We pay special attention to technique and injury prevention, which are some of the things that will allow you to keep lifting for a long time.

Why are spots limited to 5 people?
One of the key features of our program is the immediate availability to an experienced coach who will be assisting and monitoring each babe during training.

In order to deliver the best service we can, we have capped the number of participants to five as to ensure each individual is able to get the attention they require.

Are there any events associated with Barbells & Babes?

We host exclusive events and outings to promote and foster the friendships that will inevitably surface from training together every week.

At the end of our 12-week program, we will also host a big final event to celebrate all that we’ve been able to achieve as a group!

Are you ready to become a stronger version of you?

Phase I of Barbells & Babes is set to start in January, 2019!

If you’d like to become part of the original members of B&B, send us an application by filling out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you within the next 48 hours.

We currently only have ONE spot left, so hurry if you’d like to reserve yours!


Barbell Strength

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